HSEQ Policy

Umoe Industries AS shall conduct the business so that our employees and business associates are not exposed to Health and safety risks. Umoe Industries AS shall preserve the environment locally and globally.

Management commitment goes hand in hand with employee participation. We aim to organize the HSE work in a way that conveys the importance of good practices and mental awareness in this area and allows for sound internal communication to maintain safety through all stages of our Production.

We will achieve this through continuos improvement of all processes and systems established in each individual organization.

Together With our business associates we shall follow statutory regulations and continually improve our procedures and routines in environmental management.

We have a “zero-tolerance” policy, which means that our goals are:

  • A zero injury philosophy
  • No work related illnesses
  • No accidental emissions

Quality Policy

Umoe Industries overall quality policy is to manufacture and deliver the correct products in the right qualities at the agreed time and cost.

The objectives shall be achieved by planning and controllong activities and accordance with the requirements of NS-EN ISO 9001.

As a basic principle in our quality policy, we seek continual improvement in all areas that may influence quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and economy, both for the Umoe Industries AS and for our business associates.

Our company standards are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations and adjusted necessary in new areas of operation.

We will achieve this through continuous improvement of all processes and systems established.

Code of Ethics

  • Internationally recognized human rights will be followed at all times.
  • There will be no discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race/nationality, age, religion, disability or political conviction.
  • All employees are free to join trade union.
  • We will Ensure that no child Labour is used in the perfomance of work by us or our sub-contractors.
  • We will Ensure that at any time no unlawful payments are made to private individuals or companies in order to achieve preferential treatment.

Company Certificates:

  • NS-EN 9001:2015
  • NS-EN 14001:2015
  • NS-EN 45001:2018
  • NS-EN 3834-2
  • NS-EN 1090:2008