About us

Umoe Industries (UI) operations are primarily aimed at aluminium manufacturers in Europe, North-America and in the Middle East, and for the oil and gas industry primarily for Norwegian Clients.

The company has specialized in complete deliveries of anode superstructures, cathode shells and complete deliveries of anode rods to aluminium smelters and waste heat recovery units, davits, process modules, foundations, manifolds and subsea installations to the oil & gas industry. All the production work for new facilities is carried out through Umoe Industries subcontractors in Poland or in China, managed by the company’s 17 engineers and project managers in Norway, Poland and China. The company employs its own engineers in Poland and China.

A lot of Umoe Industries operations also target the maintenance and modification market. The company is also considerably involved with maintenance contracts atHydro Aluminium Karmøy.

The company has also a subsidiary in Poland.